LEATHER HOLSTER, ALL CALIBERS Phone Holster Author Topic: Found an Interesting Doc Holliday Shoulder Holster Pattern (Read 208 times) Captain Bob Masterson. Comes standard with24 bullet loops. The 2 3/4 folded money belt has sewn on tongue and buckle ends, and a nickel clipped corner buckle. Matching Garrison pant belt ~ $124.95. With pattern kindly provided from this thread. Building, riding my Harley's , Large scale R/C aircraft, Fishing, Helping people along the way. Additional loops ~ $1 each. * If you examine photos from this movie you will see light reflecting from the belt. The gun used in the film is very unique and period correct in that it is a HusqvarnaModel M/1887in 7.5 MM caliber. It can also be used as a air gun for target practice. The often wore khaki pants the same as the heroine in the movie does. Doc Holliday Holster An exact replica of the one in the movie worn by Doc Holliday. Revolver: Single Action. Civilian Sam Browne gun belt with 18 loops ~ $199.95. For most seasons there was a tool edged concho on the cross strap. This rig hadsix bullet loops on both the tongue and buckle ends. For one line of decorative tooling add $10. Call for availability. Single holster ~ $224.95. A photo will be posted when the first one is made. . Authentic Cheyenne Rig - Holster only $ 230.00. . A Mexican was working for Myers at that time by the name of Billy Wooters. Note this has to be totally hand stitched to complete it correctly. Our version ~$449.95. They are not adjustable so you will need to put your spurs on your boots and measure across the top of your foot arch from side button to side button and make sure it is snug. This rig is fully lined with up to 24 cartridge loops. The complete rig with nickel conchos & buckle~ $649.95 NOTE: Due to the conchos it is not possible to line the belt. We also own several WW1 holsters and have reverse engineered them. Best Shoulder Holster Leather . The final touch is a 7 x 3/16 thick, D-2 steel, American stag handle Bowie knife with matching sheath and a retaining strap secured by a Sam Browne stud on the front. This is the only rig Andy made with six bullet loops on each side of the tongue and buckle ends of a tapered gun belt with rare overlapping gunfighter stitch on the back. Folded money belt with 2 nickel clipped corner buckle ~ $199.95. The Sam Browne double tongue buckle is available separately for $39.95. Original Price 21.96 Additional loops $2 ea. (Photo Pending) This was the first movie with this titleand one of Louis LAmours bestcowboy novels. Narrow 1 3/4 Sam Browne gun belt with decorative military stitching and solid brass, double tongue buckle. Our adaptation of theHatfield rig consists of a lean, single drop loop,cross draw holster for a Colt or Remington, a 2 1/2 wide, billeted cartridge belt and nickel clipped corner buckle ~ $349.95. These have been discontinued for years, however we found a small number of each color in our storage. Will fit up to a 5 1/2 Colt SAA or clone. He was more well known as Yancy in another TV series. For lining add $49.95 per piece. The story involves chasing after a long lost treasure in the Sahara desert. Fordistressed finishadd $25. Our version ~ $549.95. and the shoulder holster later this week or first of next week. Both the small 1849 Pocket Pistol and the 1862 Colt Police were good choices in a Southern Slim Jim style holsterwornon a 1 3/4 or 2 1/2 belt. In this film, the famous gun leather maker Chick Gaylord, who worked with the mysterious Paris Theodore made him a Missouri Skin Tight holster. Holster and gun belt ~ $374.95, Yancy was a former Confederate officer who returned home to New Orleans and was secretly employed as a crime fighter by the city. Photo shows the original 1887 used in the movie (Chisholms Trail Collection), We have meticulously studied our favorite Old West Icons 1940s movies where hefinally quitwearing non-authentic Buscadero rigs. . com, Cowboy Hatbands, Leather Hat bands, Western Hatbands, Cowboy Holsters : Publications Featuring Chisholms Trail, Cowboy Knives, Leather Knife Sheaths, Bowie Knives, Cowboy Outfitter, Western Holster Maker Links, Cowgirl Western Gear, Cowgirl Belts, Ladies Holsters, Modern Leather Holsters and Mini-Holsters, Ordering Options for All Gear & Leather Gun Belts, Western Belt Buckles, Historic Buckles, Jewelry, Western Cartridge Slides, Leather Cartridge Boxes, Western Jewelry, Concho Necklaces, Conchos, Western Leather belts, custom gunbelts, cowboy pouches, MERRY If you have ever fired an 8 gauge you will not be without one of these. These loops are attached by threading through slots in the belt instead of sewing. The high Buscadero belt slot caused the holster to ride higher than normal, thus requiring Hardy to wear the rig low and often tied down. This 1979 TV western still stands as one of the most authentic ever produced for a TV series. Set has correct high ride Slim Jim holster, 2 gun belt with double loops for cylinders and nine bullet loops. ), (Photo Pending) Josh carried right and a right cross draw, lined Slim Jim style holsters for Colt Single Action Armys. You must select an option for 'Caliber:'. As shown ~ $649.95. . For additional loops add ~ $2 per loop. Noahsfirst wife, Maxine Jones, was the child of early Western star, Buck Jones. If you want this rig, please call and get on the list- first come, first done. I'm particularly interested in the tooling, . Set ~ $349.95. Set includes rough out 2 cartridge belt, buckle, and Slim Jim holster. One of the better western gunfights took place and he ended up with the girl. This method can not rip loose and it keeps the cartridge from scratching the gun belt each time it is inserted or taken out. The dentist-gambler-saloonkeeper-gunfighter died of tuberculosis, at age thirth-five, 1887. Features: Classic Style Thumbpiece, Color Case Widespur;Hammer, Color Case Serrated Target Trigger. A large domed concho is between the holster top and the first drop loop. more info 1879 Old West Texas Shoulder Holster It has all moving parts including dummy bullets. When we opened the carton they were still packed in hay or straw how cool is that. Often used as a stunt man,he was an accomplished gun handler and had input into the making of his gun leather. Our ArcHERO gun belt is 1 1/2 wide and 9-10 gauge thick. (Original photos) This Mohawk, portrayed a Potawatomi Indian. Free Pinkerton badge with complete set as long as supply lasts. The original is in saddle tan color. Separate pant belt and turquoise inlaid sterling silver buckle ~ POR. Making Doc Holliday's Shoulder Holster & CrossDraw Rig from 1993's "Tombstone" Road Agent Leather 28K subscribers Subscribe 145K views 4 months ago Part 2 Here: https://youtu.be/J-LPbGVbwNY. Note: this rig is worth every penny with all of the extensive tooling and hardware. Now to just get my schedule rearranged to get it done. Filmed in 1952 this nicerig sported a rare, slow scalloped Jock Strap, drop loop holster, with a wide mouth for the trigger guard. The actor told us at the Wanamaker Collectors show that the color was actually a dark walnut. . Only a few left and then there will be none. (Photo of original) The firstNational Fast Draw champion in 1955 and through1957 was Dee Woolem. Phone: (512) 564-1015. steve@stevesgunz.com. (Quote: You afraid to die -no. We also studied the photos in the book Tombstone- The Guns & Gear, by Peter Sherayko, who provided the the weapons & leather for the movie. For one line of decorative tooling add $10. NEW OLD STOCK JUST FOUND:As seen in the movie. Look closely and you will see Virgil Earp wearing a gentlemens watch fob pocket knife in his vest pocket, or ladies necklace charm. This is not just silver plated, but heavy commercial sterling silver overlay, including tip~ $174.95. Right side, butt forward, US marked, 7 1/2 Colt SAA holster, SOB (small of the back) angle draw 5 1/2 half flap, US marked, back up holster, and a McKeever cartridge box. Myers said the only way to get your hand closer to the gun is to cut a slit in the belt and lower the holster. Add the carbine scabbard below for a total of $799.95 (save $25.00). According to a several Hollywood holster makers for the movies,personal notes and drawings this rig was assembled by Rodd Redwing,famous native American actor, stunt man, & fast draw coach. . Our adaptation of his belt holster will fit either the original Sharps or the high quality Miroku replica. Bag attachesusing a button stud for quick securing but a screw rivet can be substituted upon request. ( ( ( (Made to order)))) LondonJacks 1,356 sales | Pay as low as Klarna . For distressing add $20 (abrasion after antiquing). Our Heros passion for British gun leather and guns probably are the result in his time overseas where remnants of British military surplus and 455 ammo was available, and economical, in most countries after WW1. Due to rising costs in supplies, materials & leather, prices have increased $10 perpiece. The buckle is a 1 1/2 oval, center bar buckle made by Chisholms Trail. Ike Clantons Arizona- right cross draw, double drop loop holster for an 1873 Colt Single Action Army and a lined, billeted gun belt with totally sewn tongue. Shane unlined belt with up to six conchos in nickel plated white bronze depending on the belt length and matching buckle. belt will out 36 to 42inches and chest can go from low 40's to low 50's. Each swivel is connected with genuine antique, domed Mexican, single wing eagle Conchos. Holster, belt and buckle ~ $349.95 (distressed leather adds $25.00). Both the holster and the gun belt are fully floral tooled. For a 10 barrel with one line edge groove ~ $149.95. Note: the scabbard is one sided suede and the fringe is two sided suede, therefore the fringe will always be a darker shade. . . This was one of the original buckles worn by Americas greatest Western movie hero in the correct 1 1/2 size, with clipped corners. Casting soon- There will be a limited number made so call now to reserve yours for the next CON. Look for the nickel Remington 1875 carried by one of theactors. Would love a pattern if you could spare another. Highly polished and will not tarnish ~$ 49.95 When ordered with one of our belts, the buckle price reduced to $39.95. There are a number of other patterns in the book. Thell Reed is afamous movie Armorer and fast draw artist. Heavy duty, oval, nickel center bar strap buckles complete this unique replica. On October 6, 1881 Holliday was deputized and helping to disarm 5 outlaws which turned into the gunfight at the O.K. Unless you watched many seasons of the Dodge City Marshal you would not have known that the Blacksmith occasionally did wear a left hand, lined, 4 3/4 barrel, Buscadero rig. Thanks in advance! He took one of his own and cut it up to look like the one he liked and cobbled it together. but that really isn't very close to the real thing. DC ~ THE COMMEMORATIVE TRAPER SCABBARD (RS 4), In most of his films, your Western Hero carries a Winchester Model 1892 Trapper carbine with a 16 barrel and tear drop lever . Every shoulder holster is hand cut and made by David LaFlair in his Arizona leather shop If you have any questions about this please. The gun belt was 2 wide and tapered down to 1 1/2, using a rectangular California buckle. Historical Emporium Men's Right Hand Tooled Leather Western Cross Draw Holster. He wears it with a pair of dark charcoal pinstripe flat front wool trousers with a high rise and plain-hemmed bottoms with a half break over his black leather city boots. I gotta see it when it's done! If you have a Smith & Wesson Model 1917 with a full length 5 1/2 barrel then this holster is for you. You cant wear the correct rig without the 1 1/4 matching pant belt and nickel oval buckle as worn in the series ~ $149.95 (Buckle is in stock now). Unlined Holster to fit your revolver ~ $134.95. . Once again we are fortunate to have obtained the original pattern for this holster in 5 1/2 just like Van Cleef used. Doc was known to carry this revolver. Sinpac, sent you a message also. Original Price 100.04 Many people say, "Doc Holliday styled holster," and your right it's just not it. The gun belt has billeted, sewn on tongue and buckle ends. Authentic Rio Grande Rig - Holster only $ 109.00. For antiquing add $20 (wrinkling and variegated color). Conchos and buckle available in Solid Sterling Silver ~ P.O.R. He commonly wore a spear point 2 gun belt tapered down to1 3/4 for a Garrison buckle. the more I like it. For lining add $49.95 per piece. This was a convenient way to wear a coat and cover upa significant arsenal. (Folded & Oiled Style Leather Money Belt) 1953 was the first time our Western movie icon wore this famous old west holster with an oiled, smooth side out gun belt. For antiquing and distressing add $49.95 per piece. For lining add $49.95 per piece. For lining add $49.95 per piece. The buckledhatband has three (CJ-13 B), oval, scalloped edge, laced on conchos that are almost exact copies of the original. Skip to main . A brown, worn and well used Slim Jim holster carries a converted 1851 Colt Navy pistol on a 1 gun belt with a black cap box used to carry cartridges or bullet loops. The trigger guard is exposed and the holster fill fit a 4 3/4 or 5 1/2 Colt SAA. Display as a link instead, The billeted belt has a clipped corner gunfighter buckle. Occasionally, centered in the back were six bullet loops, or six sets of suede (X) lacing- your choice. LIMITERD EDITION SINGLE OR DOUBLE MAG POUCH made specifically to fit the AUTOMAG seven round magazines. ~ $59.95. Who can forget his Indian friend Pahoo who carried the shot gun and throwing knife on his back. R. (Click on photo for a larger view) Just when you think you have seen everything, something new pops up. Finish-Poly Ivory . Our version as shown ~ $129.95, Lean, Slim Jim style for a close fitting Colt 1873 Single Action Army revolver. Many incorrect versions of this rig are being sold as accurate. mandatory release alabama 2021 lorawan layers; korg pa600 downloads pfsense bridge lan and opt1; top 100 models of all time hotter than socks on a jersey giant; service mode code samsung When we were done and sent the prototype to Kilmer, his answer was It wears like butter. Holster can be made for any barrel length and has a full chest strap. One drop loop is oval and the other is straight with a closed toe bottom. Lined holster and unlined gun belt ~ $574.95. NOTEthe trademark pant belt buckle in this movie available from Chisholms Trail for $49.95 or $39.95 when ordered with a pant belt-not included. Doc Holliday was born John Henry Holliday on August 14, 1851 in Griffin, Georgia and he grew up there and in Valdosta, Georgia. Can be sized for any cowboy single action pistol. This stops the loops from tearing and keeps the lead bullet from marking up the suede like a pencil. RECREATING A TRAPPER 16 SADDLE RING CARBINE TO RIDE THE STAGECOACH. These are desired collectors items and very rare. These are available in blue or stainless steel. BE SURE TO CLICK ON PHOTOS FOR A LARGER VIEW, CHISHOLMS TRAIL HAS NOW RECREATED ELEVEN DISTINCTLY DIFFERENT GUN RIGS WORN BY THE WORLDS FAVORITE WESTERN ICON DURING HIS MOVIE CAREER. This rig has full bullet loops in the back and several on both the tongue and buckle ends. The lined holster is also the same as above but hangs straight down with NO toe forward. I am new to the site and would much appreciate it is you could send the pattern for that CC shoulder holster. Old Walnut color hat band with matching Indian stamped designs along the entire length. Double set of holsters and gun belts ~ $ $989.95. The patriarch of this Montana ranch, near Yellowstone, rode in with a Dark Chocolate double rig. For lining add $49.95. This is the most difficult rig to make of all, In Red River Texas, riding with the worlds favorite Western movie Icon, Matt wearsthisclassic, western style, beige cowboy hat. Only buy the best made in USA. The original is on display in the Graceland museum in Memphis, TN. He was a harness maker who moved to Beverly Hills as an early Hollywood gun leather maker. but the customer wanted it that way. Orin Sacklet wears a period Slim Jim, cartridge belt and buckle. got that cartridge belt done for him today, . Set includes black double drop holster with billeted gun belt and clipped corner buckle. Loops are more narrow to show off the bullets like the movie. The Two Gun Man, was a particularly good western. This rig was most likely made by Cap Hardy, an exhibition shooter in the early 20th century and a pall bearer for Buffalo Bill Cody. Monday thru Thursday Similar spurs (P.O.R. His last film was Ride the High Country, with his friend Joel McCrae. Pant belt and square buckle ~ $149.95. Unlined with edge groove ~ $549.95. With edge groove ~ $99.95. Cartridge belt has domed nickel spots installed between each bullet loop. taking screen shots, . He was an accomplished gun handler and was as fast as he appeared on screen. They are wrong, It was designed and made in New Orleans. In the 1850s Southern plantations would have self-elected, quasi law enforcement employees that would search for Plantation folks trying to reach the UNDERGROUND RAILROAD. ging gunslinger wanting to settle down with his long separated son. Doc Holliday Holster An exact replica of the one in the movie worn by Doc Holliday. and cartridge loops will start at the same point from the buckle billet and from the slot in the belt. Lining adds ~ $49.95. Rig consists of an U.S. Cavalry 1 3/4 gun belt including rectangular Officers brass buckle, with rampant eagle. With two holsters ~ $699.95, D-2 steel Bowie knife with genuine stag handle, and gunfighter stitch sheath to match the rig ~ $274.95, Behold a rider on a pale horse.The preacherpicks up a gun once againin this great western. un In 1968 one of thevery bestspaghetti westerns ever made came out with Clay McCord in the main role as an outlaw trying to get amnesty in old New Mexico. I have been after a Doc Holiday shoulder holster for a long time, if you manage to get one could you pass it on please. This little known Spaghetti western had some spectacular gun leather and gun fights in it. This has no meaning to Elam as he struggles to keep order in the rail town many call Hell. Set includes clip cornered brass buckle, rough out cartridge belt with 12 loops non-sewn, and full coverage stamped and studded holster ~ $374.95, (Quote: You cant have no idea howlittle Icare.), Montywanted to have a few rifle shells on hand for fast access. (Photo Pending) Dark brown, single drop loop holster and cartridge belt with nickel garrison buckle as worn by ramrod Dish Boggett (Quote: Dont worry, Captain. Additional loops add $2 per loop. Unlined holster with edge groove ~ $149.95. Coming Soon. He deteriorated rapidly however and died on November 8, 1887. Double shoulder holster ~ $374.95. Recent research with the Studio has found that the original shoulder strap was constructed using a German military G-3 rifle sling. In stock and ready to ship ~ $179.95. It has a hammer thong tab that will swivel out of the way. Type: Handgun Single Shot. Your link has been automatically embedded. Some were not buscaderos and were pretty accurate. Special thanks for critical input, design features, and color descriptions from Todd of Todds Costumes, and Indy Magnoli for assistance and advice. Additional loops ~ $2 each ~ $499.95. today I'm into the dying process if nothing goes wrong, . McCraes double gun rig stands out with the two holsters butt forward, and a two piece, U.S. buckle on a 1 3/4 gun belt. For snap strap add $10. Matching Garrison pant belt ~ $124.95. Top unlined cartridge belt $149.95. On a trip he was passing through El Paso, Texas and stopped at the S.D. Johnny Weissmuller played in this role in 1956 as well as Tarzan. Those partners may have their own information theyve collected about you. I found it to be actually pretty comfortable once I got it on and cinched down. $574.95. $72.95 $ 72. Complete set of all three pieces with engraved stainless steel buckle ~ $499.85. I love the holster rig and need it for my S.A.S.S. Undercover pre-1898 Webley Bull Dog holster~ $124.95. The 2 gun belt has sewn on, blunted tongue and buckle ends with a nickel heel bar buckle. Available in Solid Sterling Silver ~ $249.95. (IN STOCK) As the Civil War came to a close,manyveterans and slaves with no skill except for the draw of a gun became lawmen and bounty hunters as well as outlaws. . Or fastest delivery Nov 17 - 22 . Newt plays Capt. For antiquing add $20 (wrinkling and variegated color). . We recommend you view a blu-rayversion to confirm the construction details. We came across these genuine original American made cleaning rods made for Smith & Wesson & Webley during the World War One period. We can fitany Single Action for you. Our adaptation ~ $124.95. For full loops add $25. Eachepisode involved a Texas Ranger going to different Texas towns in pursuit of wanted fugitives. We are making this holster with sewing not lacing. Can be custom made to fit any rifle stock from1876to any other rifle or caliber ~$ 89.95. . 1 1/2 buckle set used on our version of this rig. Spur straps as shown ~ $79.95, On an Old West research trip to the Hubbard Museum, in Ruidoso, New Mexico we were fortunate to be able to examine the original shoulder holster used by Doc Holliday in the movie Tombstone. This display had the guns and gear used by him. Buckle with correct belt including the second belt adjuster buckle visible in the photo above ~ $149.95. Adapted from the movies Tombstone and Wyatt Earp. Chisholms Trail is now a licensed dealer selling the ArcHero 455 Webley. Late in life Quatermain assembled this group of men to fight evil sources in pre WW1. He is a full service professional. Our favorite karate action hero starred in this modern day western as a Southwestern Sheriff. The holster has a safety strap with snaps and the holster and mag pouch will have buckle straps to hold the rig to your pant belt. The family name is Phillips. I wont be laid a-hand on. Made to fit any size single action. In 1987 he moved to the Hotel Glenwood where there were nearby hot springs where he hoped to take advantage of the curative powers the waters were said to have. US CAVALRY PRIVATE ISSUE BOWIE KNIFE AND SHEATH ~ $274.95, INDIAN WARS SMALL OF THE BACK 5 1/2 US HOLSTER ~ 124.95, INDIAN WARS 7 1/2 BUTT FORWARD US HOLSTER ~ $124.95. He used the alias Nevada Smith to hide his true name. After his partner Brennan was savagely killed and he was wounded, Stewart rode into town with his saddle bell ringing. We can fit both a Colt SAA and the Swedish 1887. Part 1 here: https://youtu.be/JRogTUi-h4EThe second of a two-part episode. Hours: The unlined pant belt has our greatest western heros signature American made solid brass, 1 1/2 square Garrison buckle and five or seven tongue holes. You can measure your waist size by placing a tape measure inside your belt loops and snug it up. If you are able to come up with a pattern would you mind sharing it with me? Bone handled clip point Bowie knife and front strap sheath ~ $349.95 (Bowie sheath in photo along with an Ivory stocked Bowie knife by Chuck Stapel of Hollwood now belongs to Sam Elliot. Doc Holliday Old West Shoulder Holster The 1881 OK Corral Doc Holliday Shoulder Harness and Single Cross Draw Holster is basically a 1879 Original Huckleberry Shoulder Holster with one. . This holster can be made with normal firmnessor with a stiffener between the layers for an evenmore firmshaft at an additional cost. This is the only and finest shoulder holster for the Auto Mag. . Tombstone Speed Rig Shoulder Holster, SA or Lightning . This 1961movie pittedthem together as a cavalry officer and a scout trying to find children captured by the Indians. Back troubles so a belt pulls on him. His acting was superb and he was a believable reluctant hero. Sized to fit S&W Schofield, Beretta Laramie, or S&W Russian ~ Price as shown $594.95 for 3-piece rig. Very limited quantity. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. $274.95 . Standard with 18 bullet loops. He wore a Colt Single Action Army in a Myers, toe to the rear Border Patrol style brown, snap strapholster on a wide belt. This is a view of THE OUTLAW SHOULDER HOLSTERin old walnut color without antiquingor distressing as chosen for thefinalmovie cut. Slightly wider than a totally square buckle and a lot easier on the belts leather tongue. With full floral carving add ~ $49.95. The third was the well-known Eastwood gunfighter rig with the fancy stitching along the belt and under the belt loops. 2 from both sides of the buckle so when it is buckled there will be equal space left and right. Could you please send me a template for the shoulder holster as well? The belt had a rare 1 1/4 clipped corner, nickel buckle as well as studs along the top and bottom. Features-Revolver: Single Action. Additional Doc Townbelt holster in straight or cross draw $99.95. The holster has edge stamping. This is our reproduction of his rough out Colt 1861 Conversion holster, gun belt and buckle. This rig has no tooling or decorative stamping. Single holster ~$199.95. This custom, 1985 double holster, buscadero rig is rare in that it has a tapered 1 3/4 tongue and buckle end. Both holster & combo pouch can be ordered with paddles also. We can make this with or without the safety strap and Sam Browne Stud. internetcowboy, December 19, 2019 in Patterns and Templates. . . Just found in a now closed Texas museum with provenance. . His gun is carried in a WW1 British Military Webley holster. In this movie,Rafe Covington triesto save his dead friends ranch. Doc Holliday Holster Huckleberry Shoulder Holster - These prices are for the holster only, the knife is available at an additional charge. Each knife has two razor sharp stainless steel blades with strong retention springs. (Fits up to 1 1/2 very thick belt tongue) If you have been looking for a really tough buckle, then this is it. He also wore a knife and sheath with a widely laced edge. He wears it as a cattle drover in the 1956 movie Jubal, with Glenn Ford, and Decision at Sundown, with Randolph Scott. This buckle setisavailable individually for other belts- see our buckle button. Our version includes our U.S. A freeman, Elam has been promoted to Chief of Police for the western spur of the Union Pacific trying to keep order as the management is entangled in the Credit Mobilier scandal that involved bribing congressmen and stock speculations. 9. I couldn't find one any place else, . For antiquing and distressing add $25 per piece. To add the unique tab hammer thong, like the original, sewn on outside of the holster at the rear sight location add ~ $20. McCoy felt that was part of the reason he was captured and spend time in a Yankee prison camp. Our American madereplicauses a law enforcement grade, jeweler attached, hinged pin and (C) clasp on the back. They will work both for an S&W or any barrel length Webley. John Henry Holliday (August 14, 1851 - November 8, 1887), better known as Doc Holliday, was an American gambler, gunfighter, and dentist. rapid nicotine detox, how to get impound fees waived california,